What is 1Banana Power Start?

Most simply: 1Banana Power Start is a great way to start your day on the Internet. Just login into your PowerStart account, and every web page you want opened for that weekday will automatically be opened in your favorite browser in a unique browser window (cascading windows).

It is like having your own special bookmark manager which remembers which pages you want opened on which day (and it does not matter which browser you are running or from what machine you working).

You can even put an alias to your 1Banana Power Start page in your Startup folder to have all your pages automatically opened each time you restart your machine.


Sample 1Banana Power Start Account: Each of the above pages would automatically be opened in their own window upon logging into PowerStart.

Can I have different pages opened for different weekdays?

Yes! You setup the pages you want opened for each weekday. Each weekday can be entirely customized.

How much does this service cost?

Nada. Nothing. Why? Because we want you to use 1Banana as your main search engine. So please tell your friends, family and colleagues about us!

Wait a minute. You have my email address, and my URL preferences. Are you going to use this information and solicit me with a bunch of SPAM?

No. We have absolutely no intention on using your email address other than as a login to 1Banana Power Start. We will NOT sell nor distribute your private information to any other party.

Do I have to use a specific browser or machine?

No. You can login to your 1Banana Power Start account from any browser which supports Javascript,, using any machine, from anywhere in the world.

How do I configure my 1Banana Power Start account so that it opens the pages I want opened for each day?

When you login to your 1Banana Power Start account, you are taken to a screen where you can add, delete, and copy pages for each day of the week. You can also open all pages from this page or even open individual pages from this page.

You can even automatically open all pages for that day upon login if you wish (this is what most people do).

See our PowerStart Help page for more information regarding each function.

Wow! 1Banana Power Start sounds great! How do I sign up?

Just click here!